Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mixed Feeling

Yesterday was my ex-school Sport Day however im not able to join my PPs juniors and showing support for their marching competition...**sorry guys but im really praying hard for all of u !
the reason why im not goin for d sport day was i have to register for my foundation course ..finally I hv make up my mind and registed for the course that I wanted to study....Before filling up the forms I have took a super deep breath......I dunno wheather i have made a right choice cuz i still dunno which way that this thing will lead me to ? a big question mark in my brain????????Did i make a right choice???? this question has been bother me for quite a long time ................................... killed my brain cells argggggg!

Today im nt really in a good mood><, maybe is because of d girl's good mood in the morning was getting bad as the time passed plus d weather in the afternoon was hot enough !the another thing was after my sister and I went back home as i enter my bed room and my dearest brother switch on the light of d room for me....a "POP" sound plus some flashing light has came out from one of the light bulbs of my room OMG! this really scared me alot !!!! what wrong with the light bulbs????? hse suddenly black out becuz of this TTmaybe is becuz of d short circuit?? Dangerous

i will do well in my new course !!!!!!!!!!!!! will I???

Well now is ady 3th og July hurray!!! Is my dearest elder sister graduation day !! Congratulation for her !!All the best sis!!Smile:)

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