Sunday, July 17, 2011

初心不变的金在中...the heart that never ever change


This tweet had help me to gain more faith and make me to become a better person ...always think positively..never change your heart and never ever show your weak side to your enermy...believe in what you are beliving from the start...just wanna say
I Love you사랑한다 감재중

0101xiahtic 산을 넘고 넘어도..또있어【即使越过一座山再越过一座山...也还有】
俊秀更新推特 너희들이 왜미안해..우리가 미안하지 你們為什麼抱歉...我們才覺得抱歉

Getting emotional again and again >< so how about your feeling? i couldn't imagine how you are feel in the moment ...Is this week consider a black week for jyj?

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