Monday, June 20, 2011


Changmin was just came back from Paris..finish shooting for the magazine Instyle!

Yunho also busy with his K&C..and he practise his skating like >< rest more pls..and take care of your leg!

Yuchun is busy with his drama shooting and he was just finish JYJ world tour at Busan ><
take care!!

Recently junsu was so busy with his musical...and yet his health problems pop up at these moment !!!뭄이 조심해 우리준수야!!!

110620 在中更新推:다들 잘지내나요?전 최근에 세균감염으 로 팔에생긴 염증과 더위를 이겨내는 중입니다.. 여러분도 더위 조심하시고 하시고 청결하세요!(음식조심)

오빠!! 지금괞아나??걱정해ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

JYJ was just came back from LA and thn they fly again to Vietnam for Asian Soccer Game,at the same time Yuchun disappear to no where to continue for his drama shooting..

After went back to korea...junsu's musical Mozart starts immediately...Jaejoong was always busy for his Gala show and Concerts..

Homin also always fly to japan for their new the same time yunho was practising his skating skill untill midnight ..

The motivative for me to climb higher!

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