Wednesday, May 25, 2011

자꾸 눈물이 난다..사랑이니까 사랑한 눈물이니까..

started work as a tuition teacher from last friday . is a hard work!
althought this is not my first work as a teacher...but is different from what i have done ...
teaching kindergarden kids.. primary school kids ...
anyway,i will not give up! very emotional these day , i had told myself to hold my temper,but it just can't help >< drepressed!

**Always keep the faith ,believe in what im believe, believe in what i have seen through my eyes,just wannna say that THEY are real,at least it seems real to me...

haiz , i shouldn't keep this mood to ruin up my day! cheer up!XD

this pic is totaly cheering me up!

this is so tempting!......재중아~~

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