Friday, January 28, 2011

jaejoong's birthday party

My sister,me and another friend went to a cake house to celebrate JJ's 25th birthday...

^^ when we ask the cake hse uncle to write the name of the cake....the uncle is totally shock: "Kim Jae Joong??Dong Bang Shin Ki???..."and then we said yea...

^^haha this is TVXQ power ~~

On the same day ,when im holding JYJ natural republic poster sitting in the seminar hall one of the seminar organiser said:" Dong Bang Shin Ki????" then i said YES..^^haha

JJ's birthday is on 26 of Jan..on that day on the way to the Seminar hall my sis and i accidentally saw this poster along the way..!!!!

Poster:Kim Jae Joong ,best wishes..
This is the power of Korea Fans...besides Korea fans also rented a few buses ,and the out look of the buses are JYJ photo...korea fans did this to show their support...^^so YENG...

this is the bus where korea fans did for JJ during THE BEGINING ALBUM CONCERT

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