Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stupid !!!!! what kind of person are u??

....i have a friend ,lets call my fren "L".
L is a person that like to joke ,irresponsible,always said smtg before think COOK-COOK
last friday,because of smtg happen L had show me a super duper triper dark face,well i din not did smtg wrong,or said smtg wrong( im not that kind of person)..however L show me the dark face because L was in a bad mood...(wat a lame reason)=.=
after that L said sorry to me ...and explain that L was in a bad mood....(super lame)
but im din not said"oh.. nvm"(or smtg like that),and then L said "im already said sorry to u ,wat else u want me to do!!"
wow....L is the one who did wrong ....and yet still act like very innocent!!!!!
OMG im really this kind of person .geramnya..!!
after i told my mum about this my mum said"why you always keep quite?you should at least show your angry face to L!!.." yea sometimes i should show my emotion.....~~

haha anyway we should be 宽恕他人的过错,哈哈!^^like what En Ngoi taught us ....

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