Saturday, April 17, 2010

rainy night

now is 1.23am... is raining heavly outside ,rain drop sound make me feel clam..althought im so tired but i still wanna step in to my little blog..
weekend ..surpose to be a very nice day ....yea.. i love and hate weekend in the same time..
i love weekend because i can sleep more and i can spend my time with my mum ,sisters and brother,but i really dislike to stay at house because something will spoil my mood and keep my good mood away..huhu tired .. ..
tomorrow morning will go to jogging with my siblings..i have to exercise !! i wanna become a healty baby~~
feel like goin out today but my sister said:"don dream"!!(something like that) i have been lazy for the whole day , i wish to become a blank person for a day..keep everything away....=.=enjoy my schooless day.^^
good night everyone >>althought im not goin to sleep nw!
sweet dream**^.^

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