Friday, January 29, 2010

time to say goodbye

is time to say goodbye..well i really upset..althought jz a while ..althought we ll just seperate for a few mons
but we only be together for max 2 weeks...unless the year end holiday..
dad i love u so much ...i love to text with u ,i love the moment when we are all together...really..^^pls always be healty and happy
to my mum: u are the best for me ...u handle everything when dad is not around
you are the super women for me cuz u able to solve everything by urself ..i do not noe how to thanks u cuz u really really are the are the one who fetch us,cook for us ,maintain our hse so it always be nice,u do the household work,u teach us,u accmpany us no matter what...huhT.T love u muackzzzzzzzzz

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