Friday, January 29, 2010

the night before i left

6.30pm the last night..

my sis is trying to be happy..but she is sad

nex morning on the way to airport..with a heavy heart
tears is rowing in her eyes cuz she noe we have to say goodbye again...she is always wondering why we can't be together ..six of us..??
how can i explain to her??
she always ask my dad to sell fish in the pasar in order to work so far..
so please ..always appreciate the time when u and ur family members are together
u can see them whenever u want to..u can talk to them face by face..plz don always complain that ur mother or father don love u or what..they love u since ur born,do not fight with not hurt them ,u might thought that u can give them money when u r working to show that u r care for them but did u noe everythings that ur parents do for u since ur born till now are uncountable..even in future u might give a lot of money to them however the debt that u owe ur parents is plz love them..
this is wat i learn since my dad working at a place that is too far for us to meet everyday

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