Thursday, November 3, 2011

Junsu's up coming musical

Can't wait !!!! I wanna fly to KOREA~~~~

I want these ear ringssssss


Speaking test !!

Today I have got a speaking test for eng..^^omg its not a normal presentation though.... cuz we are not allow to choose the topic by ourself but we have to pick a piece of paper from a bunch of papers(is like a lucky draw you do not know what is the content that you have pick^^)
We have to present the topic that we have pick on the spot for 3 mins, kinda fun and nervous actually!!Our lecturee gaves each of us 3 mins to prepare and 3 mins to basically the time for preparation is not enough to make up all the introducton with a thesis statement, 3 contents or even more,and a sweet and short conclusion. However the 3mins for presenting was So LONG~~ haha

okay here comes the most exciting part, WHAT topic THAT I HV GOT ???? ANyone wanna make a guess??? but no presents for the winners yea :)

I have got this cute topic >>>"Plant have feelings too"
isn't it cute !! This presentation carries 10 marks for my final... damn ~~
this is why I have to do my best !!! We have to concern on a few things which is: body language, language ofcuz( this is a eng class),style of presenting,interaction with the audience....haha quite a lotzzzzz..

NVm is already over and Im statisfied with my marks ^^ quite lovely ..I think haha

Ms Mary (our lecturer): GOOD!

My Homin

JYJ concert at Spain Barcelona

My beloved JYJ @ Barcelona

Yuchun Black Smith CF

yuchun HighCut

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My 6002~~HIGHCUT

so man !!!SALIVA start dripped out ~~

This is the LOGO ~~


In conjuction with Taylor's University's CommFest 2011, we will be staging a charity fashion-show with a twist. Dubbed FASHIONOLOGY, the event will showcase the fusion of new media in contemporary fashion and youth culture.
Date / Time: 11th November 2011 (Friday), 7:00pm – 11:00pm
Venue: Amphitheatre, Taylor’s Lakes...ide
Campus Admission : RM50.00 per guest inclusive cocktail-styled dinner. (open air, by the lakeside)
Guests: approx 300 people
Attire: Fashionably Fashionable Freebies: Goody bags, novelty merchandise by sponsors. FASHIONOLOGY is set to treat its guests to a peek into the future of new media consumption by fashionistas. Inspired by the international advertising agency, Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo branch, FASHIONOLOGY, among many other surprises, will feature the Image Search functions 'sort by color' and 'similar images' and shows that you can do more with Google than you imagined! Living in contemporary times, we simply do not see a search engine for images, nor a projector for looking at Powerpoint documents. FASHIONOLOGY aims to present these tools that could be harnessed and taken into a new context to create a fun, exciting, and overall rewarding interaction. FASHIONOLOGY will also advocate a simple message - we need to stop thinking about technology in an everyday context, and begin to expand its usage to form new experiences. In keeping with the high-tech aspirations of this event, a live stream of tweets regarding the event through the social network Twitter (an event hash tag will accompany these tweets) will be displayed majestically in the hall. This aims to get the event trending on the virtual world and reach out to a far wider audience, as well as making everyone feel even more connected in support of the cause.

Anyone interested in this event ????? see more on this website >!/fashionology2011<