Thursday, November 3, 2011

Speaking test !!

Today I have got a speaking test for eng..^^omg its not a normal presentation though.... cuz we are not allow to choose the topic by ourself but we have to pick a piece of paper from a bunch of papers(is like a lucky draw you do not know what is the content that you have pick^^)
We have to present the topic that we have pick on the spot for 3 mins, kinda fun and nervous actually!!Our lecturee gaves each of us 3 mins to prepare and 3 mins to basically the time for preparation is not enough to make up all the introducton with a thesis statement, 3 contents or even more,and a sweet and short conclusion. However the 3mins for presenting was So LONG~~ haha

okay here comes the most exciting part, WHAT topic THAT I HV GOT ???? ANyone wanna make a guess??? but no presents for the winners yea :)

I have got this cute topic >>>"Plant have feelings too"
isn't it cute !! This presentation carries 10 marks for my final... damn ~~
this is why I have to do my best !!! We have to concern on a few things which is: body language, language ofcuz( this is a eng class),style of presenting,interaction with the audience....haha quite a lotzzzzz..

NVm is already over and Im statisfied with my marks ^^ quite lovely ..I think haha

Ms Mary (our lecturer): GOOD!

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