Friday, January 29, 2010

time to say goodbye

is time to say goodbye..well i really upset..althought jz a while ..althought we ll just seperate for a few mons
but we only be together for max 2 weeks...unless the year end holiday..
dad i love u so much ...i love to text with u ,i love the moment when we are all together...really..^^pls always be healty and happy
to my mum: u are the best for me ...u handle everything when dad is not around
you are the super women for me cuz u able to solve everything by urself ..i do not noe how to thanks u cuz u really really are the are the one who fetch us,cook for us ,maintain our hse so it always be nice,u do the household work,u teach us,u accmpany us no matter what...huhT.T love u muackzzzzzzzzz

the night before i left

6.30pm the last night..

my sis is trying to be happy..but she is sad

nex morning on the way to airport..with a heavy heart
tears is rowing in her eyes cuz she noe we have to say goodbye again...she is always wondering why we can't be together ..six of us..??
how can i explain to her??
she always ask my dad to sell fish in the pasar in order to work so far..
so please ..always appreciate the time when u and ur family members are together
u can see them whenever u want to..u can talk to them face by face..plz don always complain that ur mother or father don love u or what..they love u since ur born,do not fight with not hurt them ,u might thought that u can give them money when u r working to show that u r care for them but did u noe everythings that ur parents do for u since ur born till now are uncountable..even in future u might give a lot of money to them however the debt that u owe ur parents is plz love them..
this is wat i learn since my dad working at a place that is too far for us to meet everyday

shoping day(the building is nice)see the building?is the place to nice

see those ppl... that day was 1.1.2010 so the shoping places were full of ppl..can't even walk.

working day at GZ

Saturday, January 23, 2010

my holiday live 5

my sis copying my dad pose!!
nice sun set

ice cream!!

playing masak masak

my holiday live 4 29th dec.shoping day at the town center,Guang Zhao(like KL)



we meet dogs ....

see the old building...

selling dog's cloths

see the people?? omg if u wanna shopping at china make sure that u have to be very early!